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Please forgive me Bozeman for mis-placing my password, but I have it again now.
This image is called \'BackRoom\', it\'s a homage to the magazine \'Black Mask\' which garnered fame in the 1920\'s by serializing future \'film noir\' classics like the \'Maltese Falcon\'.   During and after World War II there was more of a willingness to face the dark side of human nature and by way of the plot device of the ever questioning \'hardboiled detective\'  which laid bare the lies, betrayals, and cruelity of the characters that populated film classics like \'Double Indemnity\', \'The Killers\', and \'Out of his Past\'.
Hollywood style lighting and theatrical lighting mean the same thing, the manipulation of lighting to suggest a mood, time of day, mystery, terror, glamours, every illusion that can be imagined.   Many \'film noir\' classics were brilliant in their use of theatrical lighting which was important in drawing into the world these films represented and as important as the performances of the characters and the script.
The so-called Hollywood style of lighting is everything you can do w/theartrical lighting which is exactly what film crews did, and did well, creating a style of lighting that sometimes suggested the illusion of reality, and/or  combining that illusion w/moods, and metaphor, and abstraction.
This lighting simulates the barebulb/celiling illumination of a back room police interrogation.
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