The studio set-up for 'A Luminous Dance'

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Good evening
Please delete my post just below this one, I accidently hit a key and uploaded before I finished my text and uploading an image.
I know Bozeman has mentioned the day when he gets his own studio, thinking about this, I decided to shoot the studio set-up of the image 'A Luminous Dance' to show how I set this up, and to show that this image was based on a real object and not created in Photoshop.
I've turned on a more powerful studio light to show this set-up, there's a small lightbulb behind the vase which would be the only thing turned on for the final image.   I cut a 'V' shaped profile in some packing styrofoam and set the vase on that so it  could be angled the way it is for the final shot.   I placed the styrofoam toward the back of the vase so you could only see its shadow in the final image, and placed a heaving 'A' clamp at the rear of the vase to weigh down the back end, and keep its front end pointing slightly up, and off the brushed aluminum the vase is sitting on.
Between handles of the clamp are two small sheets of cleaning cotton used for cleaning lenses which I used to diffuse and soften the light from the lightbulb providing illumination from the rear.  
As you walk around this set-up toward the front of the vase, you can see the lines created in the walls of the vase every few centimeters as you see in the final shot, and I attribute this to the fact that this vase was made of imperfect glass which is creating the reflections/refractions that you wouldn't see with a sheet of optically correct Schott glass which is used for the glass in modern lenses.
Anyway, I thought uploading this studio set-up would accentuate the difference between what you see in the studio and the final image.
Take care
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