Triangles And Trapezoids - Not Quitting Until I have Gotten It All

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Good evening
This is a continuation and example of what I was discussing w/HXG488350, namely staying w/something in an attempt to get as much value as you can out of a shot.  After the last shot w/these magnifiers, I had the feeling I could do more w/them, and that I hadn't yet exhausted the potential of juxtaposing these magnifiers for something more.
Here I've lined up the sides of the magnifiers with the sides of the brushed aluminum sheet the magnifiers are sitting on as a continuous line.  You can see through to the glass artifact which is holding the magnifiers up.   This shot took a number of hours to set up, nudging the magnifiers slightly to the right, left, forward, backward, and so forth until I got the result you see here.
I feel like I've gotten all I can get this subject matter and it's time for me to take a break.
Have a great weekend
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