'25 Watt' - 'Bowl' -'MagSphere'

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Good Evening
Hi everybody, it's been awhile, I hope everyone is well.  I hope that 2010 has been good to you.  I've uploaded a few of the images that I've worked on lately, the first is '25 Watt', the second, 'Bowl'. and 'MagSphere'.
I think  '25 Watt' is self explanatory, 'Bowl' is the image of a ribbed bowl sitting upside down and the ribs of the bowl are act as magnifiers giving me a chance to use this artifact to play around w/reflection and distortion.   The bowl is sitting on top of a flat acrylice page magnifier I've place under it.  The 'zig zag' pattern of the edges of the magnifier and the striated lines are a result of distortion.
'MagSphere' I did simply out of the love of the geometrical form.
These images haven't been photoshopped and I haven't added or removed anything you see here.
Take care
'Old Tall'
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