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Photo Exhibition by 10 Photographers from JiangHuSe

Curator: BAO Kun

Photographers: Sudu, Hass, Mengxi, Mafada, Contaxxx, Mayiliding, 85L,
Fengyu, Zhuzi, Inkcn

Time: April 28 - May 8, 2009

Venue: Beijing 798, Inter Art Center, Inter Gallery

Address: Seven Star Middle Road, 798 Art Zone, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road,
Chaoyang District, Beijing

Established in 1999, JiangHuSe (江湖色, literally 'River and Lake Color')
is one of the earliest photo forums in the cyberspace, also known as
the first online photo forum in the Chinese communities around the
world. Most Members of JiangHuSe moved from the Sina Photo Forum to
Paowang Club. JiangHuSe adopts a system of membership where there are
certain restrictions on the right to post photos in this Forum.
Photographers may obtain the Membership and the right to post photos
online after their photographic works are reviewed and approved by a
jury of critics. Through a decade of development, JiangHuSe today has
more than one hundred of Member Photographers all across the world,
with a unique artistic style, combining traditional photography with
van guard image. JiangHuSe has made due contribution to the Chinese
photographic circle by having incubated quite a number of influential
photographers each with distinct and original style. Most
of Members at JiangHuSe are serious amateur photographers, but there
are some Members who are professional photographers working in the
press media, photo journalist at State News Agency, studio
photographers, advertisement directors and even researchers studying
photographic theories. The photographic works, art concept and image
exploration characterized by JiangHuSe Members have expanded the
possibility of enriching the contemporary Chinese photography.

Photo Exhibition by 10 Photographers from JiangHuSe is the first
exhibition ever held in the name of whole Membership of JiangHuSe, and
it represents a typical 'JiangHuSe Style' of the contemporary
photography, which is a far cry from the common-seen systemized or
ideological photo-image stereotype. In the same token, it also
provides a rather refreshing and dynamic photographic language and
visual experiences, allowing the image-fatigued audience to stand and
stare with a sense of strangeness and curiosity. Through these
photographic works, one may realize that, notwithstanding photography,
as an art pre-matured, is inevitably heading down toward the popular
entertainment and fast-food culture, photography still has its own
potential to further exploring life, capturing track of time and
ultimately, witnessing the current human history.
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