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This is Yuxian County in Hebei province. Comparing with a lot of other cities in China, Yuxian is still poor. But I like it, because people in there are very forthright, like those in mid-west America. They don't ask visitors where they came from. They just treat them as their guests.

Yuxian is not far away from Beijing, about 300km. I went there many times. I know a lot of people there, and like them. I took photos and gave them to those people.

This is a temple, but not very temple-like. And the gentleman in the picture is the only monk of the temple. The temple is simple but neat.

When I got there, somebody was talking with him. I didn't know what they were talking about. And then he picked up the scriptures and began to read, like spreading the Buddhism. The sound of the shutter could not disturb his study at all. Our "Good bye" was ignored as if he had not heard. Next time, I'll give him the photos and share the happiness with him.

The scenery there is magnificent. The Xiaowutai Mountaina there, 2882 meter high, the highest mountains in Hebei Province, is a paradise for backpackers.

Also for historical reasons, there are many forts in the villages. They are about 500 years old. Although the run-down the traces of history can still be seen clearly.

I only know my own language just like you, so I had to find someone to translate this. Sorry for the delay of replying your post. You are welcome to visit China.
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